Minor Issue with Filters in Halion 6 when Interface Sample Rate > 44.1 kHz

I’m noticing that if I have my audio interface set to 88.2, 96, or anything higher than 44.1/48 while modulating the filter cutoff with resonance below 25% the frequency cutoff will “stick” at the 22000/“wide open” value and then suddenly jump when it’s modulated far enough below the maximum “wide open” value. (it’s only the audio that “sticks”, not the UI) This audible jump happens regardless of what I use to modulate the cutoff; modulation wheel, an envelope generator, LFO, etc. If I switch my audio interface back to 44.1, everything is fine. I’ve only really tested this in a synth zone so far.

I’m on a Mac running Sierra (not the newer unsupported version) and I’ve used a Mackie interface, MOTU interface, and Behrigner interface. Same issue regardless.

Okay, I figured out what is causing the issue for me.

It’s only when I have quick controls used and/or controlling filter frequency modulation with a MIDI controller. It can also be “simulated” with a mouse. Here’s a video I made showing what I mean:


It seems like anything above 48 kHz has a large jump from 100% to 99%. Maybe some kind of internal math issue that doesn’t handle smoothing at 96 kHz correctly (or doesn’t properly divide up the range of frequencies from 0% to 100%), or something like that?