minor key bug


When using “W” to switch between a part and a score, if a rest is selected in a part, it doesn’t work. Only when notes are selected will it switch back and forth (and it’s a GREAT feature, thank you).

Yes, unfortunately for boring technical reasons it won’t work unless an actual event, e.g. a note, an explicit rest you have created (not one that is simply there because there’s a gap in the music, which is what most rests are in Dorico), a dynamic, etc., is selected.

makes sense, thanks

A little request for the team:

Could “W” switch to whichever full score layout was last opened, in whichever view it was last viewed, please?

As far as I can tell, “W” from a part takes you to whichever full score layout is the first in the list, in Page View.
I’m currently working on a project that has TWO full score layouts (in wildly different paper sizes, with similar rastral sizes), and “W” from a part is completely unusable - it invariably takes me to the wrong score, in Page View.


Good idea. For now, dragging the second score above the first in setup mode should give you what you need.

Except it always gives me page view, which is a problem when I’m dealing in staves that are actually hidden in this layout…