Minor Note Expression Bug

I am using the Logical Editor to create Not Exp. One-Shot CC data. If the Note Exp Dialogue is open on one note only, the LE command creates the One-Shot Data on all notes in the MIDI Part. If the Note Exp. Dialogue is not open, the LE command only creates the One-Shot data on the selected note. Which is the preferable behaviour.
See Video.


The problem is, the MIDI Note is not selected at the moment, when the Note Expression Editor is open. So at this moment, the whole MIDI Part is selected, therefore the LE (and all changes like MIDI Functions) applies to the whole MIDI Part.

Now the question is, if this is a Feature Request or a Bug:

  • When Note Expression Editor is open, I want the corresponding MIDI Note(s) is(are) selected.


You are right. When the Note Expression Editor is open, the corresponding note is not selected. So this is definitely a feature request. :arrow_right: