minor problems with wl7 on mac


I have some problems with wl7 on the mac (mbp, mid 2008, snow leopard) which unfortunately are not always possible to reproduce, but maybe sombody else found something similar:

  1. as I mentioned months ago, sometimes the workspace for the active clip or zooming are not active, wl shows a white space, you have to close and reopen wl, then this problem disappears (but not always, sometimes it takes more close and reopen sessions :wink: ) => PG is aware of this problem.
    Interestingly this did not happen for a month or so…strange.

  2. If I try to render an audiomontage and select regions and I want to create a file name from the region, it happend that wl created different names of the file, but the file was always the same…but again…I am not able to reproduce this everytime.

  3. I created 3 different colors for the waveform in the audiomontage. It worked for a couple of weeks, but now one of the presetcolors turned to the default blue-red, even if the colors in the optionswindow are set properly???

Maybe someone has similar problems, it’s not that I can not work with these, but it’s a little bit annoying.



I have the problem in Wl7 and Mac mid 2010 with a 4:3 monitor: I cannot drag the montage window to fit two monitor; sometimens, I cannot understand when, the grey lines, below on the right of montage window, to drag the window, appear, sometimens disappear; so now I have the montage window that fit first monitor and have a fixed small part in the second monitor.

THX in advance!