Minor thought about workflow suggestion


I know you and your team are working extensively to make sure Dorico is the best it can be. But I have 1 (possibly small) suggestion: Can you separate the repeats from tremolos, and have tremolos be in their own menu? I completely understand the logic of why tremolos are in the repeat section, but I am not sure if the repeat section is the best place.

Earlier this evening I was working on a score that requires a lot of tremolos. I am not sure if the long week at work has gotten my brain jumbled, or if it is a “human factors” kind of mistake, but as I was trying to add tremolos to the music I looked to the side panel, and for what felt like an instinctive move, I clicked on the “tr” (Possibly because tr begins tremolo, not real sure). Staring at all of the options in the tr menu really confused me… I mean where is my tremolos, I clicked the “tremolo” tool. After 5 seconds of disbelief, I look over and have to think about what is going on. It dawns on me that tremolos are placed in the repeat menu now. While this might seem small, this is about 10th time I have done this.

If you are set on not changing this, maybe the graphic for the repeats needs to change, or the tr menu? This has caught me numerous times, that I thought maybe it was time to make a suggestion.


We have put tremolos inside the repeats panel because they are indeed a kind of repeat, though obviously on a smaller rhythmic scale than repeat structures. We anticipate that “repeat bar” markings (the things that look a bit like %) will also go in there, and possibly also slashes, too; all of these are shorthands to indicate repeats of different scopes. Hopefully once the feature set is rounded out and all of the repeat-like things are in one place this won’t seem odd.