Minority report: Mixer

I’ve just started using N6’s mixer on a project, so I’m still feeling my way around. (This is the kind of a project where I know what it should cost, so I don’t mind wasting time exploring other options; I’ll bill the client based on the project, not my actual time.)

Damn, that mixer is some powerful stuff. I’m liking it. And I only know a tiny fraction of what it can do, so far.

You ain’t just whistlin’ (or remastering) Dixie. Me, too. The more I use it, the more I dig it.

Had a little scare with a graphic hiccup this morning, but all’s well that ends well…


The most annoying thing for me is, if a plugin GUI “always on top”, it snaps behind the mixer in full screen mode yet. If I want to see the plugin GUI again, it need 4 (!) clicks with mouse to bring it in front of mixer … the strip knobs are very wriggly too and there is no fun to use this. But all in all, there are more positive things as negative.


thanks for your comments. The “always on top” behaviour will be changed in the upcoming
maintenance updates.