Minute long freeze when I open projects

Whenever I open a project it loads up and I can see the mixer/sequencer but it freezes for about a minute before I can start using it. Any ideas why?

Considering I get about 10 crashes+ a day on certain projects (I think it’s plugin that’s causing the issue, but I can’t work out which one as the issue only happens when i’m nearly the end of a project and i’ve got a high ASIO load and lots of plugins. The extra annoying thing is the only way to resume is to restart the computer, otherwise Cubase will crash when I try to re-load the project. Something is clearly getting stuck in RAM. Anyway, that’s another issue!)


Send me the crashdump (Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps) as PM (share it via Dropbox or similar service, please).

Btw, if you still have Cubase 8.5.10, update to the latest 8.5.20, please. Also make sure your plug-it’s are up-to-date.

PM’d, thanks. :slight_smile:

All my plugins are up to date as far as I know, and I am in fact using 8.5.20, I just hadn’t update my sig.