Miroslav 2 and Cubase

Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with Cubase and Miroslav 2. I think it started about the time I did the 9.5.41 update, but it seems that Cubase crashes often when I save an edited instrument in Miroslav. It’s not every time, and it seems to happen more often when I’m saving for the first time in a session. Miroslav hangs for minutes during the save. Usually, it just hangs forever (rendering Cubase unusable), until I have to close Cubase through the Task Manager, and sometimes it recovers, but I get the error message from Cubase saying that something bad has happened and I need to close Cubase. If anyone knows anything, please let me know. Thanks.

No issue here at all with MP2. I use it often. The last update was over a year ago but, make sure you have it installed (V2.0.5)

Regards :sunglasses:

OK, cool. I just installed the.05 update from .04, so I’ll see how that works. Well, once I overcome the latest issue with Cubase! Thanks.