Miroslav Philarmonic not working with vst bridge

Hi i just bought a copy of ik’s miroslav Philarmonic i have installed it correctly and updated it to the latest version from ik but i will not work in cubase 6.usualy a plugin information update and any new plugin shows up and works…not with this i have also tried to set a path to the plugin and it cant even see the dll file?

is their anyone using this plugin successfully in C6 64bit on here that can help me out.
i have jbridge but dont realy want to use that as i would like to use steinbergs vst bridge.


This thread might help - but using jBridge.


Using 6.5 64-bit here and Mirsolav 1.1.2(9J14) works just fine here. No need to JBridge it. I don’t believe the VST Bridge has been changed since 6.0.

Is the stand alone version working for you (and it’s properly registered)?
So you are saying that when you go to Devices-> Plugin-Information, that it does not appear in the list?
And that the path in which the dll is installed is in tour VST2 plugin path list?
Take a look at you blacklist file and see if it’s listed there.

BTW - not that it’s needed, but the SampleTank Engine will also play the Mirsolav Samples.


Hi Ron

Yes the stand alone version is working fine and it is registered with ik
im using 6.0.5 still as i have a lot of unfinnished projects im working on at the moment so im staying on that for now.

how do i find the blacklist for plugins?


Start->All Programs->Steinberg Cubase 6 64bit->Cubase Application Data Folder

Will open the folder.

Vst2xBlacklist Cubase.xml contains the black listed plugins.


Cheers Ron

Well i been out tonight so not been trying to get it to work since i posted on here earlyer.
i just been back on now and tried again and its worked first go.i set a path to x86 cubase plugins folder updated it then it showed?

so i removed that went to the x 86 folder made a seperate folder for miroslav reloaded cubase up set a path to that updated again…worked?

I have no idea what has changed because thats what i was doing this afternoon??
To be be honist my other plugins are all loading up a bit slower now i have Tracks deluxe 3 and the plugins for that are loading up slower and superior drummer 2 64 bit version is too.

man more ram is great but this bridging plugins sucks big time surely their has to be a better way.


quick reload of cubase and alls well now.