Miroslav Philharmonik vs. HALion Symphonic Orchestra

Aloha e,

About a year or so ago things got really complicated
and unstable when I made the switch to 64 bit
so I had to give up on all 32 bit stuff (including ST/NI/Waves etc) till I got
everything solid. (One of my major probs was drivers/tools
for my two Steinberg/Yamaha n12’s mixing desks)

Once everything was playing well in ‘64 bit world’, almost all
my 3rd stuff had become available in 64 bit; except for ST.

I figured that I would just wait for the new 64 bit ST and
move forward from there without ST for a while.

But one day I needed to fire up an older project and my thought was
‘well ST won’t work now so I will just replace the ST instruments with some other VSi’s’.

Well ‘lo and behold’ ST2 worked! The ‘splash’ ‘UI’ screen came up very very ‘tiny’ and
kinda weird but once I clicked on it, everything opened up and worked just fine; and still does.

did u get it working with Cubase 64 built in bridge?

I never did installed Jbridge even tho I have read that there is a Mac version now;
so I am thinking that I am using either:

1-Steiny’s ‘VST Bridge’
(but I thought that app stopped working once Apple got rid of ‘Rosetta’ in OS 10.7 (Lion))


2-ST has its own ‘bridge’ thang going on. I seem to remember reading something about that
at the ST site.

Bottom line is I am successfully using ST2 (32 bit) along with C7 just fine.

In a limited fashion ‘HalionOne’ will also work in C7. —go figure that one

I kinda could say that Sampletank free was my first foray into ‘romplers’ it’s kinda how I got started.

I’ve come a long way from ST, and moved away from using it for ‘front of band’ sounds, but for supporting sounds, it’s great. There are also some awesome drum stuffs in there, if you’re good at bouncing to audio and chopping.

But the real deal imo is the Tron.

That’s the one I hate to lose to the 64 bit transition, so I def am looking forward to the upgrade path there.

I am also curious to hear what a 2014 IK Multimedia can do with a 64 bit rompler full of new modern samples. Will it be quik and dirty gimme a sound :blush: , or will it be move over I am now a full fledged high fidelity sound laboratory. :smiling_imp:

After this long it better be number 2.

I realize that Ik is making tons o’ bucks with all their ‘i’ stuff
(I have a couple of products)
but if they get back into the VI arena, it better be some good stuff.

Competition is stiff. And prices are falling.

According to the IK site MP will import/load into the new 64 bit SampleTank 3 which will be shown at Namm 2014 in January. No word on price of ST3 yet but it will not be free. Rats… :unamused:

It’s good to hear that ST3 is finally coming, hope fully there’ll be a good upgrade price.


Agreed :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for all the replies Buds. I kind of forgot I even started this post until I saw it at the top of the forum section.

I got Ik’s MP for $14 so I couldn’t resist.

Sampletank 3 64-Bit was ‘promised by Obi to come out in 2013 - guaranteed’.

And although there’s still 16 days still left in 2013, he’s been taking quite ‘shellacking’ over on the Cakewalk forums for a few months already - as he always does.

I have a feeling it won’t be free.