Miroslav Philharmonik

Because so many people on line seem to be having this problem Here is what I did to install Philharmonik Classik on Cubase Artist 7 64 bit on Windows 7 64 bit
I used JBridge as administrator, directed it to the 32 bit dll of Philharmonik . J Bridge then made a 64 bit dll which I saved in a new folder. I then added the path to this folder to Cubase’s Plug Ins and it worked. I am told it is not advisable to direct Cubase to where the original plug ins are. How it found the instruments is a mystery to me. I did however have to authorize the program again.

If you’re going to use the jbridged dll, don’t tell Cubase where the original is. It doesn’t need it. Not only that, but it may actually cause a crash.

This is what I suggest you do: deleted the jbridged dll (both the x64 alias and the file in the same folder as the original. Do not delete the original x86 dll.) Move the original x86 dll to another folder, outside the Steinberg directory but still inside the Program Files x86 folder. Run jbridger again. This time save the jbrdged file where all your x64 plugins are (or keep it where it is now, as long as you tell Cubase where to find it.)

Yes, it is a good, and necessary, idea to have a dedicated folder for your jBridged plugins. This is how and where I have installed mine (works great!) C:\Program Files\Steinberg\My jBridgedPlugins