Mirroring headings in a page template

I’m trying to create a page template for a part that shows 3 pieces of information at the top: page number, project title, and layout name. I obviously want the page number on the outer edge of the paper (so, left side on a left-hand page and right side on a right-hand page). I’m trying to put the project title in the middle, and the layout name on the opposite side from the page number. I tried to set the layout name to be right-aligned on the left page, and left-aligned on the right page. But when I set the alignment of the project title on one of the pages, the alignment on the other page automatically changes to match. But that means that the layout name on the right page will be left-aligned (or vice versa) and so leaves an ugly gap between the margin and one or the other of the layout names.
I can understand that a lot of the time, having your changes automatically duplicated from the one page to the other is exactly what you want. But how do I switch it off or discourage it, when that is not what I want?

Use paragraph styles — create the ones you need. There’s outer and inner page justifications available. Don’t use the “copy L to R” (or the other) if it’s not the appropriate tool for the task! You can create text frames on both pages, and the data in the properties panel allows you to duplicate those very precisely (along with the anchors tool).
Hope it helps!

Even easier: create (or reuse the existing) a paragraph style for the page numbers. In the paragraph style editor, chose neither left or right aligned, but to be always on the edge of the page. Dorico will handle the alignment for you.

EDIT: Just reread @MarcLarcher s answer, which covered my point already.

Thank you both for the helpful replies. I had not yet got around to paragraph styles and the notion of inner and outer page justifications was exactly what I needed, but not something I’ve been accustomed to in other implementations of paragraph styles.

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