MISBEHAVIOR: Plugin routing - Control Room Inserts Routing


There is a change in the plugin common interface that does not allow to select the number of channels that the plugin processes and the routing. In v5.x, you was able to change the plugin routing behavior and edit the plugin routing directly from the top-right menu. This is a nice shortcut and VERY important in Control Room, because you don’t have any other way to reach that feature due the redesign of the interface.

PLEASE, take back those options or modify the Control Room, adding a insert plugins routing interface.


Or just get rid of that ridiculous gui.


Honestly, the new GUI is a pain in the a_s_s, even with the new great features.

Which guy? :mrgreen:

Ouch! hehe, damn autocorrection

HIya Antonio.
The Plugin routing editor is still there - see screenshot below.
routing editor.png
You access it from the little arrow next to the channel legend (default is the same width as the buss in a VST3 plugin, or else in a stereo VST2 in a wider buss you simply run the routing editor & tell it what channels to process.
VST3 iseasier - you can select any channel count you like.
This also works just as well in the CR plugin list - or have I missed the point somehow?

Hi Neil,

The point is that I’m not able to route the CR signal through the plugins in N6. I’m just not meaning to use the plugin in mono or stereo, I mean ROUTE an individual channel through a plugin.

BTW, CR interface is insane.

I know what you mean about the CR interface, but it does grow on you…
I am sorry but I do not seem to understand the other problem though - it must be a friday afternoon thing - can you please give an example? Apologies for being dense… :blush: