"mising thumbnail cache" after 5.1.1. update

After updating to Nuendo 5.1.1 and applying the Video handling update as well, now when I open a Quicktime video, the “copy to working directory” button is grayed out, and the movie displays “missing thumbnail cache”. Is there a fix?


Go to the Pool, right click on the video and select “generate thumbnail cache”


I did “generate thumbnail caches” from the main menu, not the pool menu, but I assume it is the same? In any case, it waited awhile, then went back to saying “missing thumbnail cache” on the movie frames.

No joy here. It won’t let me copy videos to the working directory, and keeps saying “missing thumbnail cache” even after I click on “generate thumbnail cache”. I tried deleting Nuendo prefs and starting over, no luck.

I’m reverting to version 5.1.0 for now.

You can also get to this option by right clicking on the video:

ctrl+right click (or cmd+right click) > Media > Generate Thumbnail Cache.