Mismatched positioning of slurs

Is it deliberate behaviour that the two slurs in the image are positioned so differently?
If so, fair enough – could someone explain the principle at work here? It looks odd to my eye. The second slur is pretty but the first is somewhat awkward.

If it’s not intended behaviour, can anyone advise on how to make the first slur look like the second (automatically – I know how to do it manually, slur by slur)?

Thanks in advance!

When staccatos and tenutos are are used in conjunction with slurs, they are supposed to be positioned under the slur as the general use of that combination is for louré, bow, vibrato, semi-detached etc … Normally, an easy way to break that law is to flip either the slur or the articulation which is easily done through the property panel; however, since you have two voices on the staff and the lower voice is in the way, I’m afraid a manual adjustment in engrave mode is the only possible solution.

Ah, I see – thank you! The logic of the slur+articulation combo in instrumental music hadn’t occurred to me, since in vocal music slurs are normally used to indicate a melisma. No big deal to make the tweaks occasionally in engrave mode.