Mismatched Sample Rate dialogue when replacing audio file in Montage

I have a 44.1k montage in WL 11.1, Windows 10.

I frequently use the Replace Audio function (right click) on a clip in the montage when I render a new version of the WAV file in Cubase. [I believe PG has told me that WL is supposed to auto-magically update the clip each time you re-render the same file name. It doesn’t just trust me on this.]

Each time I replace the audio with a new version, I get this new dialogue, which I do not recall seeing in earlier versions. I have to check the box -and- select the file in the list in order to have the montage clip replaced.

Is this a new behaviour? Is there some way to have it “just do it” automatically and bypass the dialogue?



Normally you should always say Yes to this dialog, else a clip is going to play a 48k file at the 44.1k sample rate.

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Well, at the risk of raising a sore spot, you’ve written that when one re-renders a WAV file (as I do in Cubase) and then open the montage, the -new- version of the WAV automatically updates in the montage. That -never- happened for me. Perhaps it might have been because of this ‘mis-match’?

And, perhaps WL V11 now ‘sees’ that the sample rate of the WAV is different and rather than doing nothing (as before), now gives this error dialogue?

Or… you can tell me I’m completely mistaken. :smiley:

But regardless, is there a way to have WL -automatically- re-sample and update the clip with no dialogue? If not now, perhaps in WL V12?

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