Mismatched slurs

Is there any way to make the first slur look like the second (without manual fiddling in Engrave mode)?


I’m afraid there is no option for that at the moment. If there is an articulation on the stem side, the slur end will be always positioned above (or below in stem down case) the articulation.

This is a hack, but you might find it quicker to set the tenuto to go notehead side and drag it up in Engrave mode, rather than trying to get the slur to look right.

That’s a neat hack, Leo, but it might not work with other articulations (staccato, staccatissimo) because those articulations have different horizontal positions on notehead vs stem side.

It’s probably also worth to mention that with alt-dragging the start point of slurs it’s relatively easy to rotate the slur into the expected position in engrave mode, though admittedly it is still too cumbersome for dozens of slurs.

In that case, you can reuse the same slur over and over again, copying and pasting it or alt-clicking, as that will retain its properties.