misplaced dots on longas and maximas

It seems that dots (and double-dots) on longas and maximas are misplaced when those notes are on lines. Dots are correctly placed for longas and maximas on spaces. (See attached image) A temporary workaround is to add a one-space X offset to the dot… but it would be nice if these worked correctly in the next maintenance update or upgrade. (Using Dorico

p.s. Obviously, I am not writing piano music with these note values… it is for a project using Ars Nova mensural notation (example attached - with a manually adjusted dot on the long). There are a lot of little tweaks that need to be done to notate music in this system, since it works a little differently than modern notation, but Dorico handles it pretty well and the results on the page are stunning!!

(Also, it would be nice to have time signatures whose denominator is a breve, longa or maxima… 4/0.5 ?? – is there currently a way to achieve this with a textual time signature input?)

Thanks for letting us know about the problem with stem-down dotted longs and maximas. We’ll fix that as soon as we can.

Thanks for the dotted-downstem-long fix in Dorico 3.5! Looks great!

Since my last post in this thread, I’ve also noticed 2 additional things about longs (in all 3.x versions), which I thought might be related to the same underlying issue with dots that got fixed in 3.5, and which are a little annoying:

  1. Playing Techniques (such as an upbow) do not get centered on long (nor maxima) noteheads - they are left-aligned instead of centered, as they would be on other note shapes, so they always require manual adjustment in Engrave Mode.

  2. when selecting longs using the mouse, the “clickable area” to make the selection with the arrow cursor seems to be offset somewhat to the upper left of the actual notehead. This is especially noticeable in Engrave Mode, where clicking on the center of a long notehead will select its tail/stem, but clicking on the upper left corner, or clicking in the area to the left and above the notehead itself (i.e. outside the notehead), will select the note.

I should have mentioned this earlier, I guess, but I thought (incorrectly) that the dot fix might also solve these issues, too…

Anyway, so far I’m very happy with Dorico 3.5 - an upgrade well worth it!! A big thanks to the entire Dorico team! Fantastic work!


Just to let you know that I’ve taken care of the problem with the placement of playing techniques on down-stem longa and maxima notes, so that will be improved in a future version.

Excellent!! - looking forward to the next version, down the road!