Misplaced Flow Heading

I have a project with 197 flows (they are very short pieces). When I go to print the individual parts, the flow heading for one, but only one, of the 197 flows is spaced too high above its respective score and overlays the last line of the score from the previous flow. I haven’t done anything to modify the standard flow layouts in Dorico, nor have I done any manual engraving adjustments. I’m attaching a PDF showing the problem. In this case, it is flow number 3. What is causing this problem, and how can I fix it? Thanks in advance for any help!
Psalter Tunes (Page 1).pdf (27.8 KB)

We will probably need to see the Dorico file of at least the first 3-4 flows to be able to deduce what is happening without blind guessing.

Attached is a Dorico file that is an extract of the first 6 flows from my project. Curiously, the problem only affects the Soprano layout but not the layouts for the other individual part layouts. However, that is a problem since I am most interested in printing the melody line by itself. Again, the problem is only with the third flow.
Flows from Irish Psalter - 1975.dorico (762.6 KB)

There’s a page override (I don’t know for what). If you remove page overrides the flow header moves back to it’s correct place, and nothing else appears to change.

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Thanks! That did, in fact, fix the problem.