Misplaced slur tip

The tip of the slur at x is misplaced, yet the exact inversion at z is correct. I must have an incorrect slur setting, but can’t find it.

Misplaced slur end

Comparing the Engraving Options in Library > Library Manager between your project and the factory defaults should be instructive.


FWIW, here’s what I get with my own defaults:

Thank you, @dspreadbury and @FredGUnn.

According to the Library Manager, I haven’t changed any of the factory settings for “Endpoint Positioning-Notehead Side.” and of the slur settings in other categories that I have changed, I don’t see any that might be relevant. And even if I had changed the Endpoint Positioning settings, I don’t understand why it would affect the upper slur and not the lower. Are there slur settings that would affect a slur based on direction? There must be something that does that or this wouldn’t be happening.

Or could this some strange problem with the Maestro font? I just tried changing the Music Font and the same misplacement occurs with Bravura and others I tried.

Only this particular space note seems to be affected. Otherwise the slur behaves correctly.

John, have you tried resetting to factory settings or just had a look at them in Library Manager?

A project would help us diagnose.

Just a stupid suspicion: Reset Position for this slur? :slight_smile:

Thanks @DanielMuzMurray. I am going to try resetting the various slur options one by one today to see what happens. Here is an example file:

misplaced slur ttip.dorico (989.9 KB)
@BassoContinuo I am not sure what “resetting the position of the slur” is but I haven’t adjusted the slur manually and this happens every time that particular space note appears as the first or last note of any slurred group.

@John_Ruggero Look at Slurs - Avoiding Collisions - Vertical Positioning.

Reducing “Minimum distance …” to 1/4 (or anything else) will resolve the issue. I don’t have an explanation why your setting does not affect slurs below the stave.

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@BassoContinuo I was in the midst for checking all the slur settings when I saw your post. Thank you so much! Your just saved me a lot of work.

But this must be a bug in the program. And it limits the user to placing the slur tip very close to the staff line; too close for my taste.

No, I don’t think it’s a bug. Try using a value slightly smaller than 1/2 space for Minimum distance between slur endpoint and staff line.

Thank you @dspreadbury. I tried 0.49, 0.48, 0.47, 0.46, 0.45 and 0.44 spaces. The tip on the upper slur still misbehaved and didn’t cross the top staff line.

Then at 0.43 spaces it behaved correctly. However, from that point on, the tip never budged when viewed at 800% no matter what value I input including zero. The lower slur seemed to be behaving according to its own rules, and only stopped crossing the lowest staff line at 0.75 spaces. Between 0.75 and 0.65 the tip moved in increments, but below this it again got stuck and didn’t move again all the way to zero.

In either case, I never succeeded in getting the slur tip to be exactly one half of a space between the staff lines, which is what I was after as a test.

If this is not a bug, then the setting is operating according to rules that I don’t understand or there is another setting that is conflicting with this one.

No idea if this is a factor or not, but when a slur goes to the middle of the notehead, it still has to avoid the tallest part of the notehead when placed above, but has already cleared that when placed below. Perhaps this is an edge case with your settings where the boundary region of the notehead is just enough to affect the slur positioning when above but not below.



(Or maybe not … just trying to think of a reason why above and below could be different.)

Thanks @FredGUnn That is an interesting point. But the behavior is so wildly different between the upper and lower slurs that I don’t see how that could be the cause.

At first, I thought that this option was only for the distance from the slur to tip to an outermost staff line as it appears in the diagram. So I couldn’t understand its relevance since we are dealing with an inner line. But I see the setting affecting the distance between the slur tip and an inner line when the slur is below the staff; but not so when the slur is above the staff.

Curiously, in my example file the left tip of the upper slur is near the top and bottom staff lines at the 1/4 setting. But in an actual working file with the 1/4 setting, the right tip is almost in the middle of the space, where I would like it Perhaps slur shape has some bearing on the position of the tip.