Missing 32nd beat in bar

Hi there !

Working on some MIDI imported drums, and I have a bar for which there’s a missing 32nd beat, still all the bars before and including this one are 4/4 and no signpost shows up, the next bar is 3/4 and everything is fine, but I don’t know how I could fix this, any idea ?
I quit Dorico and re-opened it but still the same, and nothing seems to indicate that it would be a 31/32 bar.

Thanks in advance !

Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 05.22.55

Well, it is surely a mistake in how the MIDI file was created.

In this case, you should be able to click on the last rest, Shift-B, 1y, Enter, to add a 32nd note to the measure.

The codes are h for half, q for quarter, e for eighth, and keep going down as x, y, z. So to add 3 8th notes to a bar, Shift-B, 3e, Enter.

thanks a lot Dan, it worked and fixed the bug !
The MIDI was exported from Cubase (pro 10.5).
I knew the w/h/q/e/s ones but not the x/y/z and didn’t know as well they could be used with shift+B to extend bars (I guess it works as well to shorten if I type -1y).
Glad I didn’t have to use Insert mode and mess everything up haha

Thanks again !

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