Missing 6.5 operation manual replaced with Cubase 5 one

This is a bit of an odd one - I have just updated from Cubase 6 to Cubase 6.5 and I have gone to look at the operation manual via help and it is the Cubase 5 document - have also checked on my hard disk and whilst the help document xml is dated 08/02/2012 all the pdf doc inc the operation manual are dated 2008.

Anyone any idea what might have happened?


It seems V6.5 has all the V6 help files, with an additional “New Features in Cubase 6.5” (the file is called New Features). All the help files seem to be dated 2/2/2012.

If an install has gone wrong, it could be a mix up with the location of the files, and it is pointing to old files that are already on the hard drive. The XML file only points to a file name, maybe you have more than one helpdocuments.xml file, it should be here:-

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Documentation.

If all else fails, you could delete the help files, and re-install Cubase, maybe it didn’t install new ones as it thought they were already there.

Thanks very much

I’ll check out your suggestions.

Is there a way to review the new manual before purchasing 6.5?

Yes, go to Steinberg > Support > Current Downloads.

Thanks, Arjan P!

There’s no new manual.

Old Cubase 6 manual + new features in Cubase 6.5 = Cubase 6.5 manual