Missing +6dB, +12dB, LU +9, LU +18, LUFS +9, LUFS +18 in right zone meter after 11.0.10 update

In the Cubase 11.0.10 release the right zone meter is missing +6dB, +12dB, LU +9, LU +18, LUFS +9, LUFS +18 in left zone meter scale selection. +6dB/+12dB were there before but broken in 11.0.0 (listed in drop down but could not be activated / selected). Now the newly added LU and LUFS are also not listed
Bring it/in back please or is this supposed to be the new way of fixing broken features?

Too late I suppose, to do a before/after screen grab… you’re meaning the channel fader meter, in the Inspector, yes.? I’ve just updated too…

You should tag this thread as an Issue

Actually I am referring to the big meter you will find in the right zone, next to Control Room tab (CR). In the drop down menu you can select all types of scales from digital to +3dB scale. In 11.0.0 the list also contained the new +6dB and +12dB scale, but even if it was selected from the menu the meter scale was not changed to one of these two. Now with the maintenance update, instead of fixing the bug and let you select the two additional +6/+12dB scales they just fixed the previous bug by removing the two scales from the drop down list. That’s what I call a “smart repair”

Done that :slight_smile: Let’s see if it will be accepted. I will also open a support ticket as I did it for the bug of the unselectable scales in 11.0.0 (ticket was of course never worked on but anyways I will not stop bugging them with their bugs)

Actually not, but I also was wondering why you could not change the mixer channel to any other scale. They are fixed to digital (perhaps for a good reason?)

Ok, by ‘left zone’ you meant of the actual meter itself (in the Right Zone)…? Terminology can get easily confused in this case I guess… Maybe edit your subject line for better clarity…?

‘Tagging as an Issue’ - I meant/is done by editing your initial post to add the actual ‘Issue’ tag itself, that the forum software provides… Go in to Edit mode, then add the tags from the drop-down at top of the panel that appears… you can add more than one at a time…

Stupid stupid me! OMG ! I meant of course the right zone meter…so sorry for confusing. As said, I meant the other left, so the right LOL

done :wink:

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Oh… that’s new… So, anyone can edit the forum tagging on threads, not just OP or Mods… Got it… :+1:

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I ‘think so’ - give it a try just to check …

Yes, that worked…