Missing Acciaccatura in Page View

Am using Dorcio 3.5, so appreciate this might have been fixed in Dorico 4., but unless I’m missing something, I may have found a bug…

I’d attach little screenshots, but this forum won’t yet let me.

  • Galley View shows tie to acciacatura at start of (otherwise empty) next bar.
  • Page View of same bar shows tie, but no acciaccatura.

It’ll probably be necessary to see at least screenshots, if not also the project file itself to give precise advice. Try reading some other threads in the forum for 10mins or so to try to increase your level.

Thanks again Lillie, I will.

Galley view:


Page view of the same:


Looks like because Dorico thinks there’s nothing in that bar, it cued the next instrument too early. Perhaps you could put some hidden text on the first beat of that bar or something?

A chord symbol region will prevent an instrument change happening.

Thanks for the workarounds.

…Still looks like a bug to be fixed in a future version. Acciaccaturas may be short, but they exist. :wink: