Missing activation code #2

Hey All. I’ve just bought cubase 12 elements and installed it but the problem is that I don’t have an activation code. The steinberg support haven’t been much of a help so I wonder if there is anything else I can do??

Hi and welcome to the forum,

There is no Activation Code with Cubase 12 at all. There is Download Access Code only. And we don’t use eLCC anymore. Use Steinberg Activation Manager, please.

But it doesn’t work. There is only dorico elements 5 under the product list in activation manager… I have installed every component and payed for the product but still it doesn’t work.


Did you use the same MySteinberg account for Dorico and Cubase, please?

Yea I think so but when I go to my steinberg user account I can only see Dorico under my products.

I have paid 744 dkk for cubase 12 elements and installed it succesfully under download assistent. But It’s like cubase haven’t been registred.


I would get in contact with your local Steinberg Technical Support and provide them your Download Access Code. Then they are able to find the license.

try logging in to the Steinberg shop (if that is where you did buy it):

Steinberg Online Shop

If you log in with the correct information you should find the “orders” on the left side and you open up your order where you should see the activation code which actually is the Download Access Code you enter in the Steinberg Download Assistant (top left corner) - and from there the rest should be straight forward. Your Cubase will appear in your products

Dear Mikkel,

I had a quick look at the online shop and it seems, that you purchased Dorico Elements 5 instead of Cubase Elements 12. I will contact you directly now with a solution.

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I was certain that I purchased cubase 12 and that it was a package but yes, please help with a solution. Thank you very much.


The Steinberg shop and the MySteinberg are two independent accounts.