Missing Allen Morgan and Halion Sonic SE content HELP!


I’ve been using Cubase 7 since it’s release and currently running 7.0.6. Love the program…but ever since it’s initial install I have not been able to find the proposed Allen Morgan Signature Drums content. Specifically the drum kits. When searching in Groove Agents library presets, the location tree only shows a single folder for “Groove Agent One”. No second folder for “Allen Morgan Drums…” Within Cubases full mediabay, searching for “Allen Morgan” or similar, mediabay only gives results for Allen Morgan track presets, strip presets and vst presets.

I installed originally from disc for Cubase 6.5 and then downloaded the update to 7 when first installing. Since then I have done all incremental updates to v7 up to the latest 7.0.6.

Please help!

I also believe I have a problem with all the Halion Sonic SE content that allows for midi expression control as searching for any “vx” HSse content does not appear.

I don’t know where the problem lies…I have two installs, one on my laptop and one on my PC workstation and both installs seem to be missing these items.


Still hoping someone can help me out, but at least there is a little good news. I have been able to find the Halion Sonic SE content regarding “VX” instrument patches albeit by a method that I shouldn’t have to resort to. If I search in the full mediabay rather than looking for presets within Halion Sonic I am able to find all the 14 VX patches that allow for expression maps. However no sign anywhere of any Allen Morgan drum kits…not found in any of the mediabays or even when searching for “allen” within windows itself.

Could someone list the filename for at least one of the drum sounds from the Allen Morgan Drums Set included withing Cubase so I can at least search for a particular file name?


You might want to post this in the VST forum as I had the same thing when I first used CB 7 and the solution came from there.

Good luck,

Jim B

Hi MrEngine,

if you have the same problem on two computers, then probably you haven’t installed the HSSE Content at all, or you have installed it wrongly. Please use the control panel’s “uninstall a program” feature to uninstall “Steinberg HALion Sonic SE Content” (check if there are more than one of those and also uninstall them).

Then download the HSSE Content installer from our website and install it “For all users”: http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads/downloads_cubase_7.html

Probably you will have to trash your preferences after reinstalling it or quick re-scan the mediabay.