Missing articulation in Base and Add-On Switches?

Hi, all. I’m setting up an expression map for Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra. Its solo violin has 10 articulation key switches, the 10th (at A#0) being ‘col legno’.

The good news is, in Dorico’s Playing Techniques side panel, it lists ‘col legno’, ‘col legno battuto’ and ‘col legno tratto’. However, when I try to use Base and Add-On Switches to attach ‘col legno’ to an Amadeus key, that option doesn’t exist. ‘col legno battuto’ and ‘col legno tratto’ does, though.

Is there a workaround for this? Thanks.

the playback technique to use for both the Playing Techniques “col legno” and “col legno battuto” is “col legno battuto”. You can see this if you hover the mouse over the “col legno” Playing Technique – it then shows the underlying playback technique to select in your Expression Map.

col legno

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Piggybacking on this exchange.
For Amadeus String Ensemble, any idea which playing technique corresponds to “sustains”, I assume is the same as “long”.
i cannot find anything that will trigger this.

Welcome to the forum, @billie. I don’t know whether you’re using a playback template and/or expression map created by somebody else, or you’re creating something of your own, but it may be that you need to make that decision yourself. You can create a new playing technique in Library > Playing Techniques to create in the score to trigger the “sustains” patch, and provided you also set up a playback technique and then reference that playback technique with an appropriate switch in the expression map you’re using, all will be well.

Thanks for your timely reply. It helped me solved this issue. In the Expression map, I double clicked the “long” Name to bring up the Playback Technique Combinations. I choose Legato and all is well.
BTW I am using imported babylon Waves Cubase maps which, for the most part, work well for my purposes.
Thanks again for a hand up on this learning curve.