Missing articulations above the middle line of the stave

I just downloaded Dorico

It seems that I can’t display articulations on notes above the middle line of the stave. The articulation panel shows a dot highlighted in blue and the note plays staccato, but the dot doesn’t appear either in Write or Engrave mode.
Note that the last crotchet E is highlighted and the articulation button shows a staccato dot, but the dot itself can’t be seen. If I move that note down to D the staccato dot reappears.

I’m sure this is new behaviour because I am positive I would have noticed it before otherwise. The same thing happens with accent marks > but not tenuto lines.

Dear Boar Gules,
I’m quite surprised by your thread because… this kind of staccato marking does work perfectly for me since day one (2016 October 19). Are you on PC ? Have you restarted your computer after updating (because there are fonts issues…) ?

Thanks for the response: you were right on the button. When I started to do further work this morning I began to see all manner of other weird behaviour, such as: some letters not appearing when set in italics: “arr.” in roman became " rr." in italic; fermatas clearly present but not showing. Your remark about font issues just confirmed that. A restart fixed it. I suppose I’ve become accustomed to not having to routinely restart after an install. That was supposed to have been fixed in Windows 7 already. But clearly not fully.

Not when fonts are involved…