Missing Attributes in Pool

I have been having this problem for sometime. I can’t get all the fields to show up in the audio pool. I am missing (Date, Image, Origin, and Path) Those are very important ones for me. This problem was happening in Nuendo 5.1.1. I have since been using 5.5.3 and everything was showing up in the pool but then one day those columns were gone.

I have all the attributes checked in the drop down list. I have tried everything I know of. Is it possible that a preference file is corrupted? If so which one might it be? I have been experiencing a crash like 90% of the time when I close Nuendo 5.5.3
Please see image links below.

Hmmm Strange.
Can’t it be that they are “outside” the pool?
Tried to re-size each column ?
Tried “origanise with”?


Yes I have made sure that they are not outside the window and I have tried the “minimal width” also.
Do you know where those particular settings are stored?

Thanks for any help on this.
Anything I can send you on my end to help?

Honestly, I don’t have a clue;
Never seen or heard about this before.
What if you trash your preferences?

(Temp-rename your current Nuendo 5.x folder in the applications folder)