Missing Audio After Opening Project On Different Computer

I have Cubase 9.5 Pro at home and was preparing for a session in a studio that currently uses Cubase 13. I set up the project at home on an external SSD and brought it up to the studio. Opened it up no problem on the studio computer and went about the session for the day. When I got home and tried to open it, the project file has an older timestamp and reads “invalid project file” when I try to open it, however I have bak files from the session. When I open the most recent bak file I have all the track images but only a very small handful of the audio files, the rest come up as missing and are just blank objects when the project opens.

You may find that edits and renders have gone into another folder. It probably best to do a backup which puts it all into one place

Is it possible that the Edits folder would have been created outside of the project folder? If that’s the case it may be somewhere on the studio computer, but the missing files have a destination path to the audio folder in the project folder.