Missing audio files (not missing but not playing?!)


I am having an issue where some of my audio files are not playing in Cubase. When I open the session it appears to locate the files and the “Missing files” window doesn’t pop up. When I try and play them in the session however the clips are silent.

To confuse matters if I go into the pool and listen to the file it plays fine?! They are speech files that are synched up with a speaker on another track and have a significant amount of edits. If I drag in the files from the pool I would have to start again and recreate all those edits.

The only thing I can think is that cubase has somehow got confused about the time codes and is trying to link the clips to parts of the file that don’t exist? I can’t really see how that would have happened though.

Do you have any ideas what this issue could be? Thanks

Sounds like you might have Muted the Audio Events (or even the Track) in the Project Window.

It’s not that. But you gave me another idea… Thanks :smiley:

It was a weird automation glitch that i’ve never seen before. I had read and write turned off but it was reading the volume automation as -infinity on that section of the track for some reason. I don’t know why because I haven’t written any automation into the project yet :man_shrugging:. (Or copy pasted from a project that had.)

To make it weirder it also wasn’t showing any automation line at all in the volume channel. I only figured it out by looking at the fader position. Very weird. But solved. Thanks