Missing audio files

I just bought Cubase 10 pro. Given the price, I expected nothing less than a perfectly working piece of software.

However, it succeeded to disappoint me within the first minutes.

When I click on “the loops and samples” it is empty. Then when I click on “show all results” it is able to show me a list, but when I try to play any item I get the message “Some audio files are missing. Please check installation”.


It looks like it is missing files that are in the folder “Additional Content\VST Sound” next to the installer.

I followed the advise given in this forum, I reinstalled everything but I get the same error. https://imgur.com/a/CK3q21q
The content of “Additional Content” was copied nowhere else on the harddrive.

How am I supposed to install the whole thing?

Hi and welcome,

To me it seems your Cubase is not installed fully. Is it install on the C drive? Could you try to run the installer as an Administrator?

Hi Martin Jirsak,
Thank you very much for your message.

I install on the C drive. The installer is at “C:\Users(((myname)))\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\Cubase Pro 10 - 10.0.5 Full\Cubase_10_Installer_win\Cubase 10” (the default place of the download assistant) and it tries to install at “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10” (and some other places I guess)

In the folder C:\Users(((myname)))\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\Cubase Pro 10 - 10.0.5 Full\Cubase_10_Installer_win\Cubase 10
I ran the Setup.exe as administrator. I have the same issue.

Where those files are supposed to be installed? Is there a way to install them manually?

I managed to make it work.

I did two things, I don’t know which one was decisive but hopefully it would help someone having the same issue :

  1. I moved the installer to the folder C:\Cubase 10.
  2. when selecting the components for loops and samples, I clicked on the default installation textbox which was defaulting to (seemingly) gibberish folder. When I clicked once, it changed automatically to C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound. That folder was not empty, probably filled with my previous (incomplete) install but during this run of the install, I saw it filling with the whole library files.

Martin Jirsak,
could you please mention these to the developers? I am far from being the only one having this kind of issues with the missing files and the first impression of a customer is very important. My guess so far is that it is related to my windows username having non-ascii characters.

Best regards


Thanks for sharing. Actually it’s not supported to install Cubase to other than system © drive.

As mentioned earlier, everything was installed on the C drive. Unless you mean the C:/ folder instead of the C:/ drive.

In any case it can be preferable to have the installer telling the installation/installer path is not supported or the installation has been incomplete so that the user has a better idea on what is going wrong. Instead the installer runs as if everything worked and the first impression of Cubase itself is very bad.

I am taking time to tell you this because I know how good Cubase (and Steinberg) is in general, and I don’t want other customers to fly away because of simple installation issues that competitors doesn’t have.

Thank you very much for your time (specially in this period :wink: )

Did you unzip the downloaded installer before trying to install?

Hi peakae,
Yes I did unzip it explicitely. The zip file was at “C:\Users(((myname)))\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\Cubase Pro 10 - 10.0.5 Full.zip” and I unzipped it at “C:\Users(((myname)))\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\Cubase Pro 10 - 10.0.5 Full”.

Then I moved “C:\Users(((myname)))\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\Cubase Pro 10 - 10.0.5 Full\Cubase_10_Installer_win\Cubase 10” to “C:\Cubase 10”



I am having the same problem…the program says that files are missing…and i dont have music on the program…i have unzipped it now, but i dont understand the next step. You said you moved cubase 10 to C:\Cubase 10… but where is this C\Cubase 10?

Please someone answer me i am so sad… i just tried so many things and its not working…the files with the audio are in additional content. WhAt can i do?

I had the same issue, what I did to get around the fix was just to move all of the .vstsound files to another folder. I believe it was
C:/User/Steinberg/VSTSOUND ( can’t check right now ) and then in the media library there is a move function. I chose the destination as the new folder I placed all of my sounds ( for Halion SE and GA 5 SE ) and voila, they appeared once I created a new VST track

I just bought Cubase Elements 10 and I am having the same problem. I am a non-technical kind of guy and am getting frustrated…

Under “Loops and Samples” there is nothing.

When I click “Show all results” I get a list of some piano and guitar, but when selected I get an error message “HALion sonic SE: some audio files are missing, please check installation.”

What do I do??

Help please!


Make sure you have installed Cubase from the Full Installer, please.

I have…many times now.

I uninstall and then reinstall, hoping that will fix it. It does not.


You can try to force MediaBay to rescan the whole database.

OK…how do I do that?


Try Cubase Safe Start Mode first, please.

I have the same problem but it seems steinberg doesnt care given how support just walked away from the last enquiry

Have you tried the advices mentioned above, please?

  • Install from the Full installer.
  • Unzip the file and install from the unpacked folder.
  • Install to the system C drive.
  • Install as administrator.

Hello, I had the same problem. To fix this i went into my steinbergfolder to VTS Sounds: Windows (C:), User, (My name), Downloads, Steinberg, WIN64, Cubase AI 10.0.40_Full And Update Installer, Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_10.0.40_Installer_win, Cubase LE AI Elements 10, Additional Content an then VTS Sounds. I clicked on one of the VTS sounds inside and then it brought me to Steinberg Library Manager where it automatically kopied the sound to the library. I did that to all the other sound on by one kind of and then when i klicked on loopes and samples it worked to listen.

For what is worth, and, to help those that come after.

Being used to installing via MSI files as part of my job I did that automatically with cubase without thinking. DOH!

****** WRONG!!! ******

As a result the Generic ASIO driver, HALion and Groove agent were not isntalled either. Which I then located and did manually.
I worked for hours trying to manually put them in the right place using information supplied in these forums.
Then I checked out the installers XML file content for clues and the penny dropped.

You MUST install using the supplied “setup.exe” or the audio and midi sample (vstsound) files dont get installed .

So I manually unistalled everything from the Control panel programs applet, rebooted and re-intalled via setup.exe and its perfect.

I hope my stupidity will help others get quickly into the system. Its awesome.