Missing Audio Output Device

I’ve recently upgraded my system to a Mac Studio, and I am wondering if there is a setting in Nuendo to stop it resetting your audio output settings if you accidentally switch off your interface. I am sure I set this on my old system but cannot find it now. The number of times I have to reset multiple busses is annoying!


I don’t know if that is an option, but when this happens to me, usually for forgetting to turn on my device before starting Nuendo, I just quit the program without saving, turn on my audio device, and then reopen my session.

Unfortunately if you accidentally switch off the interface so that Nuendo loses it, then quit Nuendo, it asks you to select the interface again on boot, and you have to reset all the assignments. At least, that is how it’s working here. I am sure there was a setting to suppress the warnings so that it was not overwritten.

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Has happened to me also. I save my I/O setups as presets so it is just few clicks and I’m ready.