Missing audio problems since Cubase 6

Something that seems to occur every now and then that didn’t in previous Cubase versions.

I often recycle projects rejected from one film to use in another by using the ‘Back Up Project’ command. Every so often the audio pool seems to lose the audio - often there will be just a blank strip on the arrange page. I think this is a result of the Back Up process. Incidentally, if I try to stretch either end of the audio by grabbing it with the cursor, it will immediately retract to something that’s probably about 1 frame long. I should add, the audio file is in the pool though, it’s just that Cubase has lost the connection to it.

Weirdly, it doesn’t happen immediately. Eg, I Back Up the project and start working with the new one fine. Then save and close. come back to it later though, and there are missing audio files.

I do try and name audio tracks pretty explicitly. For example, i was thinking that if there’s 100 “git_01.wav” files on your hardrive maybe that’s why cubase gets confused, so it would be “projectname_guitar_AKG414.wav”… but still it happens.

This added with the, in my view, major bug of incorrect TC embedded Broadcast Wav files, is counting against using Cubase for film/tv. Recycling of old cues is something we all do frequently, and need to rely on the audio being backed up!

Has anyone else found this happening?


Cubase 6.04 (32bit), OS 10.6.8, 2.8 Ghz quad core intel, 4 GB ram.

You should use Prepare Archive before backing up the project. It gathers any audio files that aren’t in the project folder.

Thanks, it’s just that these are audio files that are in the project folder, some were directly recorded into that project. Maybe one should do Prepare Archive first regardless though as a work-around.