Missing audio tracks in Stereo out

Good morning,

I came across an issue with my Cubase 7.5.10 yesterday:

I have some Instrument Tracks and all of them work fine. Tracks are routed to Stereo out so they play back. Great! Then I have imported a few audio samples with options to 24bit and copy to project folder activated. Each sample have been imported to a different Audio track-, all routed to Stereo out. Here is how it behaves:

  • All samples (tracks) play back in arranger (-> track meter)
  • All samples (tracks) play back in Mix Console (-> channel meter)
  • All samples (tracks) play back in popup window Track Configuration (-> channel meter)

Nothing from any Audio track goes to Stereo out while my Instrument tracks play well via Stereo out at the same time. I never had any issues like that with Audio track routing in previous Cubase versions. Did I missed something in 7.5? The manual was not really helpful…

The ASIO configuration and I/O assignment of my setup worked for various projects in 7.5 so far. I use an AKAI EIE Pro USB interface (which is a great piece of gear!).

Could someone pls enlighten me?

bump… and update:

After hours of investigation I found out, that ASIO-Guard is the Beelzebub! After switching off ASIO-Guard all Audio tracks are working as expected.

In the description of ASIO-Guard I’ve read, that ASIO-Guard can cause issues when large quantities of Audio tracks are involved. In my case, the project contains 6 Instrument tracks (Maschine 1.8.2 and 5 instances of SPIRE which is quite CPU hungry) and 4 Audio tracks-, so there are no large quantities of Audio tracks to handle. I even checked a few Audio tracks in a test project without any VSTi and they were not working.

Ok, I can live with that work-around but eventually I don’t understand why ASIO-Guard have blocked my Audio tracks.

Any ideas?