Missing Audiowarp tab in Inspector and missing Midi Send

Been ploughing through the Manual for Cubase Pro 9 (MAC OS 10.10) and so far I have no Audiowarp tab when Im editing audio, am I missing something, is it already built in to the hit points/definition or something? Screenshot enclosed.

Also the Midi Sends tab is missing on Midi/instrument tracks.

Don’t know if its relevant but I was using the trial version then bought the update from 8.5.

Any ideas or contribution much appreciated!

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 12.11.54.png


Right-click in between the tabs, here you can select, what tabs should be shown/hidden.

Thanks Martin!

Got my audio warp tab back. Didn’t see midi sends on the track tab list though. I don’t think it’s a feature I’ve ever used but if it’s not a massive headache to get it back then may as well…

It should works the same way in the Project window Inspector. Right-click in between other panels.

Solved! Yes its here thanks Martin - my misunderstanding - it only appears on Midi tracks, not instrument tracks.