Missing automation handles

I’m wondering if anyone else is having a problem with automation handles not showing regardless of zoom level when opening a session from an older version of Cubase. Initially I thought this happened only when I opened a C5 session in C6, but not it also occurs with 6.0.0 -> 6.0.1, although not as frequently. I haven’t yet figured out how to reproduce this every time, but I just had one session get “corrupted” like this.

Basically what happens is that in that session the automation handles will only be visible on a track where I hover the cursor on, no matter what the zoom level. So it seems the “automation handle visibility” feature mentioned in the undocumented features section at ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Download/Cubase_6/ is getting its hidden threshold value corrupted in some cases.

Anyone had better luck narrowing the occurrence down?

Updating my own post in case someone searches for this topic. By accident I noticed that this behavior is actually affected by whether the ruler format is Time Linear or Bars+Beats Linear. The former shows the automation nodes, the latter hides them except on very close zoom levels. Doesn’t seem obvious to me why these are different in this regard, but there you go.

Book marking, and thanks for sharing, paaltio!

I have the same issue. Hopefully they will fix this bug. Thanks for the ruler format tip, very helpful!!

Thanks Paaltio!.. I’ve been trying to find out for weeks why it was that some people were seeing automation nodes (and tempo track nodes) only when hovering over a track, whereas I was seeing them always. Mystery solved at last! Thanks again :slight_smile:.

Good find, thanks :slight_smile: