Missing avatars on forum

One by one people’s avatars seem to be going blank today for me. If anyone else is also seeing that, is there a way to look into it?

Yes, there do seem to be a few gaps, but I don’t know whether any of those avatars are really missing, or whether they never existed.

Perhaps if any individual user who is expecting to see an avatar and is no longer seeing one could post here to let me know.

Another clue: While in most places we just see white, the navbar at the bottom of a first post shows, after a beat, the actual missing-graphic icon. I have not seen this behavior before, so I suspect it’s a problem with the thing that creates default single-letter graphics. (If so, those of us who have uploaded avatars needn’t worry. The one-by-one effect I was seeing is on the list of threads, where some code waits for a while and then gives up, and the spacing changes.)

FWIW, I’m seeing this too. Not for all, but there are quite a few missing graphics icons showing for me as well.

I think it seems to mostly be affecting newer users so perhaps it’s related to the Discourse Trust levels in some way.

There have been other forum oddities of late. Normally a thread is set to Tracking immediately upon opening it. But many seem to stay set to Normal.

The letters seem to be back now.