Missing Back Up I asked to “keep” in Mac

I think I already know answer to this, but I was hoping for a miracle.

I have been using Cubasis for years and still getting used to Cubase. Cubasis automatically saves where you left off when you close a project. So, one project I did in Cubase kept asking me if I wanted the open the latest back up when I would reopen it and it would get renamed each time so I had Project 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on of the same project. So this other project got frozen so I had to force it to close, and when it reopened, it asked me if I wanted to use the most recent back up. In order to avoid this renaming with the second project, I chose no and then was asked if I wanted to keep the back up. I clicked “keep.” I wanted to see how much of my work had been saved in the existing project, which, of course, turned out to be none since the last time I opened it a few weeks ago and nothing seems to actually save unless you actually click save (so I have learned now). This is bizarre to me after having Cubasis autosave without having to click anything.

So, I go looking for this backup I asked Cubase to keep, and I can’t find it. My other back ups were right next to the .cpr with a .bak file extension. There is nothing next to this projects .cpr. Not. One. Back up. And I’ve been working on this project for months while learning Cubase and Komplete.

I’m just wondering if there is somewhere else it could be. I tried searching with the project name and nothing else came up. Searching with .bak doesn’t even bring up the back ups of the other project.

And no, I never set up Time Machine. Komplete took up most of my available storage space, and I don’t think I have room for multiple system back ups. I’m supposed to be in the studio tomorrow night to start mixing. Ugh.