Missing Bar Menu

I am following a video on YouTube about the Chord Track and my screen doesn’t match the video. We are both using the same version (11.) On his screen in the upper left region, he has three drop-down menus, Grid, a second USE QUANTIZE (that’s the item I am looking for) and a menu to select the note duration. My middle menu is #1-1000 ms. I have no idea what this is. Where is the menu to select USE QUANTIZE?

I installed Cubase a few months ago, didn’t use but when I did, had issues. It was recommended that I reinstall and I then had some licensing issues with Halion and had to reinstall that separately (as per instructions of Steinberg’s US support.) I’m not poking around changing any settings but I seem to have a series of issues. Yesterday I created data in a track with a VST instrument, double clicked on it and made some modifications in the piano roll and the two did not align properly, the data in the project track started at measure 1 or 2 and the piano roll was totally different, starting around measure 4 or 5 or so. I had this happen before. When I reinstalled a week or so ago, I disabled my AV software. I did access the Download Assistant by left-click run as administrator, which took over the downloading process. Windows 10. I’ve never had this program functioning properly and it’s not because I’m changing settings; I’m too paranoid that I won’t know how to undo things to do that. I uploaded a screenshot.

Click the cog wheel in the extreme right top corner. There you will find all menu items and the choice to hide them or make them visible.

I guess that most of your problems derive from having the ruler (time line) set to “Seconds” instead of “Bars +Beats”.
Have a look at the manual on how to change it. Alternatively I marked the spot in your screenshot where you can also change it.