Missing bar rest in double staff part

Bar rests were missing in this continuo part. I force-inserted them using Note Input caret and “Insert Bar Rest” but am curious to know how this happened in the first place. Layout Option “Show bar rest in empty bars” is on and “Ends Voice” did not appear to be active anywhere near this passage. There is an explicit rest in m. 541 that wouldn’t go away by selecting it and hitting Delete. Head-scratcher but I have solved it.

Also, entering notes in these bars and then deleting them did not produce bar rests.

The most obvious reasons are:

  1. That this music started as a MusicXML import and your settings at Preferences > MusicXML are to respect Accidental Visibility in the MusicXML. If it’s this, turn it off for next time.
  2. That Edit > Remove Rests has been used or the “Ends Voice” property has been set for the last visible note/rest before the missing rest(s), and/or the “Starts Voice” property has been set for the first visible note/rest after the missing rest(s).
  3. That the material in the bottom staff around CC has been cross-staffed down from the top staff. This will be obvious if you turn on View > Note and Rest Colors > Voice Colors.

Thanks for the info. As far as I can tell, none of those apply here, but maybe I’m overlooking something. Anyway, all’s well. I’ve got a workable fix—from one of your posts on a related thread. :wink: