missing bar rest

I have a bar of 2/4 that has always been empty (for piano 2 staves). The bottom stave has a half note rest correctly positioned. The upper staff has no rest. This bar has always been empty so I doubt I accidentally deleted the rest. If I enter a new half note rest it is positioned to the left of the lower stave rest. If I add a new bar it too has a missing rest in the upper stave. How do I get my rest back?

It sounds to me as if you have set the ‘Ends voice’ property on the last note in the voice on that right-hand staff. Select the final note in the right-hand staff and open the Properties panel: check that the ‘Ends voice’ property is switched off, and the bar rest should reappear.

Thanks, Daniel! richardC’s issue has affected me too, a number of times, in a piano reduction where I have needed to use ‘Starts voice’ and ‘Ends voice’ liberally. Now I understand this, I can go back and correct things.

Thanks Daniel, with some playing around I got it fixed. Problem is there was no music in the upper staff as I used N to do some cross staff beaming.