Missing barline - check please?

I would love for Dorico to implement more error checking, sort of like US tax programs.

Once again we lost a few precious minutes of rehearsal because players counting multi-bar rests were landing in the wrong place. The cause was a missing bar line, which was probably deleted when I was remapping the arrangement. I never know when or how it happens, but occasionally there’s just a missing bar line, usually noticed when a player says “there are too many notes in this bar!”

Wouldn’t it be great for Dorico to run a quick check for things like missing barlines, orphaned repeat symbols, double dynamic markings, etc.? How about running through a string section and highlighting places where articulations or slurs differ from one instrument to the next.

Just doing a little dreaming here.

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I remember a topic about barlines and the fact of changing or deleting the meter caused some jank, with missing beats, as you said. This should be addressed, not as an error check, but more as a literal warning on the barline after the procedure.
On the other subjects, it highly depends on what the program considers as an error. I don’t know what you mean by double dynamic markings, is it restating the dynamic further on the next page? That can be intentionally done, specially in situations where the conductor restarts the orchestra on a rehearsal mark. Different articulations on a string section can also be intenionally done, without being an error.
Making the program search for this is misleading, proof reading just can’t be replaced.

I’m not sure exactly how Dorico could check for missing barlines, except to say that I suppose if a barline is missing, chances are there will now be a bar that’s longer than implied by the time signature, and we certainly do want to add some functionality to help you spot these kinds of issues in future.

Sergei - sometimes when copying and pasting parts a dynamic marking will paste over a measure where there is a dynamic mark already, causing 2 dynamic marks crowded together. On a busy score, it’s easy to miss. I usually catch these when proofreading individual parts before printing.

Daniel - yes, currently there are situations where there can be 4 beats in a bar in 2/4 time. I assume this happens when I’m making some sweeping edit, deleting a section of music, a repeat-bar or something. The score will play back fine, everyone’s bar numbers match up, etc. It’s only when a player is counting multi-rests over the offending measure, that they start playing a bar early, causing general confusion. I can attach the score if it helps.