Missing Barlines in one flow, one part, one layout [SOLVED]

The original version of this file was imported as XML from Finale into Dorico 1.0. As newer updates have occurred, I have gone through the file (randomly) to apply new features as they became available.

Today I noticed that only in this flow, only in this layout the Double Bass part has no barlines, and I cannot figure out why. I know I can probably create a new DB part and copy the part into it, but I wondered why this might have occurred.

comeGoodShepherd1972_all220115 - Working Score - 04_Gentility.dorico (3.6 MB)

A cursory glance suggests to me it’s linked to the bracket and barline change – deleting that brings back the double bass barlines.

That worked. Thank you, especially since adding a second DB part only added a new part without barlines. :grimacing: