Missing Beat Agent SE instruments content

Why is it that even though I have content available in the Kits tab, it is not available in the Instruments tab? Interestingly, the problem does not occur in the GA SE version.

I am not sure I understand the problem. But make sure you are licensed for the product. And make sure you update the download installer and try deactivating and re-activating. close and reopen GA. I seem to recall having this issue. And it went away once I gave it a clean up.

Everything is up to date. I recently purchased Absolute 6. Some instruments and midi patterns are not available in the full GA version, but only those that were provided with the SE version. But all Kits, even those from the SE version, are available. When I turn on GA SE, all unavailable instruments and other things can be accessed in the SE version. Reinstalling and reactivating doesn’t help. clearing Preferences, mediabay files… nothing.
The strangest thing is that in the “Kits” tab the kits work without any problems, but in the “instruments” section there is no access to them.

yup. thats is strange. someone from Steinberg should chime in. I can’t explain it. I do know my GA setup got all messed up. I had to clean it up to get it working properly again. Now it all works normal. I listed the steps i took in another post in this area.