Missing cache file in frozen GA-channel?

Hi, guys!

First of all, I’m new to these forums, so please excuse me if this post is misplaced in any way. I’ve also tried searching for this issue, but could not find a similar issue posted.

Anyway, I’ve been having a problem with groove agent lately. I’ve frozen GA, and now I’m prompted with an error window saying that “the cache file for the frozen channel “Kick” could not be found. The channel will be unfrozen”. Now, I’ve been having the same issue (without the error popup) on different channels, and the channel i had my hihats on were muted while playing back one day, all of a sudden. The issued was resolved by rerouting the channel to a different output, and then routing it back to where it originally was. When I tried doing this with the kick drum channel, all my sends died out (spesifically, there’s no side-chain going on on any of the tracks it were sending it to). The kick drum is playing back fine, but there seems to be no send activity.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried replacing the samples in the pool, but no luck there.

EDIT God, I really AM new to these forums - I completely forgot to add info about my set-up. I’m on a Win7 pc with a I7 2600K with 16GB ram running C6. I also want to mention that this particular project has been taking a toll on my CPU, but that was before i froze a majority of the tracks.