Missing categories in Insert menu

I saw a few videos on YouTube, explaining and guiding about Cubase LE 5.
I have the software myself and I installed it on my computer but some of the categories in the “Insert” menu aren’t there (Like “Pitch Shift - Pitch Correct”).
The people who made those vids said it should be in the menu.
I looked at a few posts on this forum, that had no answer. Someone just bought another version.
I tried to re-install… still missing stuff.
Here are 2 pictures: My Cubase with the very short “Insert” menu and the other, which includes “Pitch Shift - Pitch Correct”:


Hope you can help me,
Thanks, Gal.

I don’t think it is included in CB LE5. Check the op manuals yourself at these links. It is not listed in the CB LE 5 version but it is listed in the CB 5 version. Good luck. :wink:


CB 5:

Regards :sunglasses: