Missing clef in a cue (String divisi)

Hi everyone,

For a reason I can’t explain, there is a bass clef missing in this cue (for string divisi) Any idea why?



Hi. Select the cue and check the settings in the properties panel (bottom panel). You can change many things in how the cues are displayed (octaves, clefs, dynamics).

This is definitely a (known) bug, not a setting. Sometimes items needed on both divisi staves only display on one. It happens with slurs, ties, cautionary accidentals and such. Let’s hope the team will be able to fix it soon.


Unfortunately it won’t be fixed in the next major version, but it is certainly something that we are planning to fix as soon as we can assign the right developer to it for an extended period. We will be able to bring some of the things we learned when developing condensing to bear on this problem, and we have a good idea how to improve things, but it needs a concerted effort to rework it.