Missing content of the product

When I start to open my new program Cubase elements 12, alert message has come to me saying that “some content could not be loaded”. So how can I fix the problem? Thank You!

Can’t really tell from the info you gave, but check this out:

  • The product you bought includes everything in its section of the Download Assistant.

  • You can view a list of the content you installed in the Library Manager. If you have any titles that are not in the Download Assistant list of what you own, you can remove them.

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Ok thank you for your kind respons you send to me.

Is that possible to reinstall having the access code I already have? Can I start it from srcatch back again by deleting the previuos installed product in order to avoid any missing content? Thank you!

The content and applications are freely downloadable, so yes. You can delete all the content, uninstall the program, and start from scratch.

No code is needed, simply download and install everything you own using the Download Assistant.

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