Missing Content

Grateful for any advice.

I’ve just had Cubase 9.5 installed onto my laptop by the ICT guy at our school.

A lot of Halion and Groove Agent content is missing.

Can anyone please advise how to find said content if it is on the laptop and how to move it to the correct place?

The ICT man felt assured that he had installed everything he was prompted to install during the set up…

Was wondering if it might be easier to just reinstall the whole thing and put it back on.

Please help.

same here !
and cubase don’t find the Loopmash .wav !!!

i reinstalled C9, C8 and C8.5 , same issue !!

Download the FULL installer for Cubase 9.5 by using the Steinberg Download Assistant, or check your MySteinberg account if you’re using an older version of Cubase.

ok Romantique tp,
i will do that !